Housing for Uni Students: Kelsey

Next up, a great big welcome to Kelsey! Kels is one of my best friends and she’s very kindly agreed to answer my dinky questionnaire.

1. Name? Age?

Kelsey, 18

2. Where are you living right now?

Living it up in London

3. And how long have you been living there?

Almost nine months

4. Why did you move there?

University/wanted to do something different, have a chance to start over in a new place.

5. Could you describe your housing situation a bit for us?

I live in student halls of residence, so I share a building with 124 other first years, and I live right next to 7 other halls of similar size (so I’m definitely not lonely!). I’m about 5 minutes walk from my lectures and labs, or a one minute run if I slept in
I have my own room and ensuite bathroom, and share my kitchen with the other students on my floor. Everything is super nice and modern.

6. Do you think that your HS interferes/aids with your studies/social life?

My living arrangements definitely help with my studies and social life. I’m unbelievably close to all the university facilities which is great for studying, but also for clubs and societies (and the bar). I live so close to most of my friends, and being in halls has made it really easy to make friends, so it’s pretty much the ideal arrangement for my social life too.

7. What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about your HS?

Um, I have too many favourites. I love the people I live with, my room is fantastic, I’m walking distance from almost everything I need (gym, shops, uni…). I feel like i’m not appreciating how lucky i am if I tried to think of a least favourite, so I’m just not going to give one.

8. If you had the choice to live somewhere else, would you? And if so, how/where?
I definitely wouldn’t choose to live elsewhere as a first year, but I think now that I’ve settled into a new country, made friends and just adjusted to university in general, I’ll be quite happy switching to sharing a house with a few friends when I start my second year.

Rate ‘cho sitch outta 10!


Got any suggestions for a different way of presenting these questionnaires? Please leave a comment and let me know! 🙂



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