Housing for Uni Students: Rosa

Oh ho ho, I set this one on the back burner for a good month.

Welcome to the first installment of “Housing for Uni Students”! No, unfortunately this is not a game show where I throw apartment keys and mini fridges at you, but it is in fact the first of a series of questions answered by uni students I know about their living conditions (for more info, check out my post)


Our first superstar is Rosa, hailing from Brisbane (A big thanks to Rosa, who gave me a friendly interweb prod in the get-off-your-ass-and-do-something-productive direction c: )

1. Name? Age?

Rosa, 18

2. Where are you living right now?

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

3. And how long have you been living there?

Only a bit over a month (Note from Nana: well, it would be 2 months now, thanks to my inefficiency. Many apologies) , but it already feels so freakin’ homey.

4. Why did you move there?

Uni course appealed to me, as did a big change.

5. Could you describe your housing situation a bit for us?

I live in a college with about 300 residents (approx 50% being 1st years). There are 10 wings of varying sizes, girls on the top floor and boys on the bottom. Mine is a medium sized wing with 24 people. All rooms are single, ie I don’t have a roommate who listens to death metal at 3am whilst stroking her naked mole rat. My room is big enough for me to roll around on the floor (drunk, naked and alone whilst eating a kebab) comfortably. The room comes decked out with a bar fridge and a fan. I bought a globe of the world lamp and now my living space is positively decadent/bloody atmospheric. Three meals a day are provided and there’s a sink (that smells like a fungal foot infection) and kettle at the end of every hall for late night noodles. There are two showers and three toilets for the ladies of my wing but I’ve miraculously never had to wait for a wash – perhaps because I favour the 11pm-in-the-dark variety. Internet is fast and there’s a fancy inter-college file sharing programme that definitely DOESN’T allow us to download pretty much ANY movie/music/tv show/ebook at the speed of LIGHT. As I type the cleaner is vacuuming my carpet and Mae, the sweetest washer woman you ever will meet, is doing my laundry.

6. Do you think that your HS interferes/aids with your studies/social life?

My social life is on steroids – my friends live within 100 meters of my room and the Student Club organises social activities for every waking moment. This interferes with my study to a certain degree but at the same time it’s only a 10 minute walk to class, my college has the highest GPA of them all which they are determined to maintain and there’s a wonderfully airconditioned academic centre with pretty Macs and silence in the building next to mine. I live with binge drinking nerds, to quote Miley Cyrus, “…It’s the best of both worlds.”

7. What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about your HS?

Before moving to Brisbane, I didn’t know a soul in Brisbane. My favourite thing about college is that instead of living in a group house and having a social circle that consists of 3 humans, eating baked beans for dinner and Skyping my dogs every night I am part of a really lovely community. My least favourite part is you can be sure the kitchen uses cage eggs.

8. If you had the choice to live somewhere else, would you? And if so, how/where?
Coming here was a spur of the moment, really big and really scary decision. Thankfully, I am so sure it was the right one.

Rate ‘cho sitch outta 10!


Got any suggestions for a different way of presenting these questionnaires? Please leave a comment and let me know! 🙂



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