Sorry for going AWOL (and a new project!)

… even if this apology only ends up being to myself.

I have trouble with consistency, and I guess I started this blog to try and get better at it. I feel like this is common enough to be accepted (and maybe forgiven?)

If there’s something I can pat myself on the back for, it’s always being inspired. I start new projects every single day, and my mind is constantly whirring, but does that really count for much if I don’t get around to completing them?

I will be better! and cite me on this.

I’m working on a series of posts about the different living conditions of some of my Uni friends. I moved from a spacious family home in Australia into a teeny weeny “chambre de bonne” in Paris, and although it is the norm for apartments in Paris to be small, there is a lot of variation between the size of my apartment and those of my other friends living here. Talking to my friends at university in other countries, I became super interested in how they’re living: some are in colleges, some in student residences, some living at home.

I really had no idea what to expect when I moved out of home, and I think that where you live and the responsibilities that come with your living situation have a great impact on your life as a student, and I’m hoping to shed a bit of light (if only a few humble rays) on this topic.


I’ve run through that description over and over again in my head and on paper, but I can never quite get it to sound as cool as I want. I’ll get the brain juices running, don’t you worry.

I’ll see you soon!!



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