Housing for Uni Students: Kelsey

Next up, a great big welcome to Kelsey! Kels is one of my best friends and she’s very kindly agreed to answer my dinky questionnaire.

1. Name? Age?

Kelsey, 18

2. Where are you living right now?

Living it up in London

3. And how long have you been living there?

Almost nine months

4. Why did you move there?

University/wanted to do something different, have a chance to start over in a new place.

5. Could you describe your housing situation a bit for us?

I live in student halls of residence, so I share a building with 124 other first years, and I live right next to 7 other halls of similar size (so I’m definitely not lonely!). I’m about 5 minutes walk from my lectures and labs, or a one minute run if I slept in
I have my own room and ensuite bathroom, and share my kitchen with the other students on my floor. Everything is super nice and modern.

6. Do you think that your HS interferes/aids with your studies/social life?

My living arrangements definitely help with my studies and social life. I’m unbelievably close to all the university facilities which is great for studying, but also for clubs and societies (and the bar). I live so close to most of my friends, and being in halls has made it really easy to make friends, so it’s pretty much the ideal arrangement for my social life too.

7. What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about your HS?

Um, I have too many favourites. I love the people I live with, my room is fantastic, I’m walking distance from almost everything I need (gym, shops, uni…). I feel like i’m not appreciating how lucky i am if I tried to think of a least favourite, so I’m just not going to give one.

8. If you had the choice to live somewhere else, would you? And if so, how/where?
I definitely wouldn’t choose to live elsewhere as a first year, but I think now that I’ve settled into a new country, made friends and just adjusted to university in general, I’ll be quite happy switching to sharing a house with a few friends when I start my second year.

Rate ‘cho sitch outta 10!


Got any suggestions for a different way of presenting these questionnaires? Please leave a comment and let me know! 🙂



Housing for Uni Students: Rosa

Oh ho ho, I set this one on the back burner for a good month.

Welcome to the first installment of “Housing for Uni Students”! No, unfortunately this is not a game show where I throw apartment keys and mini fridges at you, but it is in fact the first of a series of questions answered by uni students I know about their living conditions (for more info, check out my post)


Our first superstar is Rosa, hailing from Brisbane (A big thanks to Rosa, who gave me a friendly interweb prod in the get-off-your-ass-and-do-something-productive direction c: )

1. Name? Age?

Rosa, 18

2. Where are you living right now?

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

3. And how long have you been living there?

Only a bit over a month (Note from Nana: well, it would be 2 months now, thanks to my inefficiency. Many apologies) , but it already feels so freakin’ homey.

4. Why did you move there?

Uni course appealed to me, as did a big change.

5. Could you describe your housing situation a bit for us?

I live in a college with about 300 residents (approx 50% being 1st years). There are 10 wings of varying sizes, girls on the top floor and boys on the bottom. Mine is a medium sized wing with 24 people. All rooms are single, ie I don’t have a roommate who listens to death metal at 3am whilst stroking her naked mole rat. My room is big enough for me to roll around on the floor (drunk, naked and alone whilst eating a kebab) comfortably. The room comes decked out with a bar fridge and a fan. I bought a globe of the world lamp and now my living space is positively decadent/bloody atmospheric. Three meals a day are provided and there’s a sink (that smells like a fungal foot infection) and kettle at the end of every hall for late night noodles. There are two showers and three toilets for the ladies of my wing but I’ve miraculously never had to wait for a wash – perhaps because I favour the 11pm-in-the-dark variety. Internet is fast and there’s a fancy inter-college file sharing programme that definitely DOESN’T allow us to download pretty much ANY movie/music/tv show/ebook at the speed of LIGHT. As I type the cleaner is vacuuming my carpet and Mae, the sweetest washer woman you ever will meet, is doing my laundry.

6. Do you think that your HS interferes/aids with your studies/social life?

My social life is on steroids – my friends live within 100 meters of my room and the Student Club organises social activities for every waking moment. This interferes with my study to a certain degree but at the same time it’s only a 10 minute walk to class, my college has the highest GPA of them all which they are determined to maintain and there’s a wonderfully airconditioned academic centre with pretty Macs and silence in the building next to mine. I live with binge drinking nerds, to quote Miley Cyrus, “…It’s the best of both worlds.”

7. What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about your HS?

Before moving to Brisbane, I didn’t know a soul in Brisbane. My favourite thing about college is that instead of living in a group house and having a social circle that consists of 3 humans, eating baked beans for dinner and Skyping my dogs every night I am part of a really lovely community. My least favourite part is you can be sure the kitchen uses cage eggs.

8. If you had the choice to live somewhere else, would you? And if so, how/where?
Coming here was a spur of the moment, really big and really scary decision. Thankfully, I am so sure it was the right one.

Rate ‘cho sitch outta 10!


Got any suggestions for a different way of presenting these questionnaires? Please leave a comment and let me know! 🙂


Sorry for going AWOL (and a new project!)

… even if this apology only ends up being to myself.

I have trouble with consistency, and I guess I started this blog to try and get better at it. I feel like this is common enough to be accepted (and maybe forgiven?)

If there’s something I can pat myself on the back for, it’s always being inspired. I start new projects every single day, and my mind is constantly whirring, but does that really count for much if I don’t get around to completing them?

I will be better! and cite me on this.

I’m working on a series of posts about the different living conditions of some of my Uni friends. I moved from a spacious family home in Australia into a teeny weeny “chambre de bonne” in Paris, and although it is the norm for apartments in Paris to be small, there is a lot of variation between the size of my apartment and those of my other friends living here. Talking to my friends at university in other countries, I became super interested in how they’re living: some are in colleges, some in student residences, some living at home.

I really had no idea what to expect when I moved out of home, and I think that where you live and the responsibilities that come with your living situation have a great impact on your life as a student, and I’m hoping to shed a bit of light (if only a few humble rays) on this topic.


I’ve run through that description over and over again in my head and on paper, but I can never quite get it to sound as cool as I want. I’ll get the brain juices running, don’t you worry.

I’ll see you soon!!


Thought Catalog

When I’m lonely, I’m rarely alone. Those many sleepless nights I’ve had in New York when you’re almost positive that the entire city that never sleeps took an Ambien except for you? I happen to like those quiet moments. I don’t feel detached. On the contrary, I feel more in tune to to the rhythm of things when there’s nothing but silence.

I feel most alone at 2pm on a Saturday when you’re surrounded by nothing but couples or groups of friends and you don’t fit into either category. You’re just kind of floating by languidly while everyone else seems to be busy connecting with other people.

I feel most alone on a bad date, when you’re sitting across from someone who clearly doesn’t get you and never will. You wonder how someone that looked so good on paper could get lost in translation. You wonder just how hard it…

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Ugh, too true

Thought Catalog

A very dependable feature of people who live abroad is finding them huddled together in bars and restaurants, talking not just about their homelands, but about the experience of leaving. And strangely enough, these groups of ex-pats aren’t necessarily all from the same home countries, often the mere experience of trading lands and cultures is enough to link them together and build the foundations of a friendship. I knew a decent amount of ex pats — of varying lengths of stay — back in America, and it’s reassuring to see that here in Europe, the “foreigner” bars are just as prevalent and filled with the same warm, nostalgic chatter.

But one thing that undoubtedly exists between all of us, something that lingers unspoken at all of our gatherings, is fear. There is a palpable fear to living in a new country, and though it is more acute in the first…

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Cocktail O’Clock: The Bitch Colada

When baking, I enjoy meticulously measuring out all the required ingredients, combining them following a sequence of overly precise instructions to finally end up with a predictable – and hopefully edible – result.

However, when it comes to cocktails, I have a decidedly more slapdash approach. Unless you’re trying to impress someone with your double rainbow, 3-part flaming turtle, 1 part rhino moonshine alcopunch, I find it much more rewarding to throw everything together in the shortest amount of time possible, trying not to make a mess of it, so you can just get it in ya.

The Bitch Colada was conceived on an uncharacteristically mild winter night in a small, parisian apartment. Somewhat resembling a Peach Colada, it was named as such because that’s exactly what I heard when my french friends drunkenly repeated my description of this ghetto cocktail.

What you’ll need:

  • A container to mix/store your cocktail in – empty disposable bottles are great because you can cap ’em, shake ’em and take ’em where ever you’re going!
  • Peach syrup – you can use peach juice if you want to be healthy/fancy, but this unholy creation is cheap and peach flavoured enough for the purpose of this recipe
  • Coconut milk/cream of coconut – Coconut milk has a lower fat content, especially the “reduced-fat coconut milk” (le duh)
  • Rum
  • Water – to water that bitch down! (but for serious, it’s strong.)

What you have to do:

  1. In your container of choice, mix a generous dash of peach syrup, a splash of coconut milk, a healthy dose of rum and water that baby down with, well, water.
  2. Shake it up, or mix it daintily with a silver spoon.
  3. Give it a taste.
  4. Tweak it to your desired level of sweetness/creaminess/intoxicalisiousness (I deliberately gave vague measurements because ONLY YOU know how YOU like YOUR Bitch Colada)
  5. And enjoy!

Disclaimer: I hold no responsibility for how hammered you may or may not get as a result of drinking this beverage. Please be responsible and hold young children’s hands when crossing roads. HAPPY DRINKING!

Fun fact #1

One of my tricks to fall asleep on restless nights is to listen to my breathing, specifically how my breathing auto-regulates. I follow the rise and fall of my chest with each breath and most of the time this will get me to sleep in 5-10 minutes.

I discovered this method during a high school yoga lesson cool down where I fell asleep, surrounded by 30 odd people, on the gym floor.

Happy snoozing!